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Is your IT footprint weighing you down?
 Your quest for digital transformation doesn't have to cost the Earth. Ditch the carbon-heavy dinosaurs and embark on a sustainable IT adventure with a smart procurement strategy.

Impact your ESG Report

Buying new laptops has a bigger footprint than you think.

From the amount of resources used to CO2 produced, it's staggering how much of an impact buying laptops has on the earth. This multiplies when you're a medium or large business that procures thousands of laptops for your employees.

The sustainable alternative to new is certified refurbished laptops.


Every laptop you buy is a certified Carbon Neutral Plus Product.

As part of our commitment to net zero and providing carbon neutral IT products, we are audited annually by Carbon Footprint.

Our carbon footprint has been assessed following ISO 14064-1 and the GHG Protocol. Any residual GreenHouse Gas emissions have been offset using verified projects to achieve carbon neutrality.

Sustainable Laptops for Business

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