Fully tested, 1 year warranty
Value for Money
Up to 70% savings
40 yrs of Expereince
Supplying Computers
Countrywide Delivery
No limitations with distance
Trade in Options
Profit at Disposal
Our Advantage

Refurbish, Repair, Recycle

We're not just disposing of electronics, we're breathing new life into them. Our meticulous refurbishment process restores pre-loved machines, saving you money; our expert repair services keep your current tech humming; and our responsible recycling through certified partners ensures a sustainable future.

Join us in building a greener tomorrow, one computer at a time.

Our Advantage

Service that Rivals None

Own more than a device, own an experience. At Deed, we don't just sell computers, we empower you with lifelong value. It starts with personalized education, ensuring you navigate your tech effortlessly. Complimentary software fuels your productivity, while our seamless buyback and trade-in programs keep you at the forefront of innovation. We prioritize your needs, adapting as your
journey evolves. 

Top-Rated Refurbished Units

Enjoy up to 70% cost savings compared to the latest brand new models

Do more with your end of life devices

Trade in? or Buy Back?

Trade in

Upgrade with ease through our hassle-free trade-in service. Exhange your current device for the latest model, and enjoy exclusive benefits


Buy Back

Our buyback program allows you to sell back your device for a fair value when you`re ready for an upgrade. Stay ahead with the latest without the hassle


Shop from anywhere in Africa

Are you ready to join these organisations in procuring sustainable IT?

Hi, We are Deed Technologies

We’re here to help make tech reliable, affordable, and better than new.
Premium refurbished tech

Our professional engineers guarantee that every device has been tested and restored to perfect working condition according to industry standards. All for up to 70% less than brand new.

Better for the planet

A refurbished device uses 91.3% less raw materials, 86.4% less water, generates 89% less e-waste, and puts 91.6% less carbon emissions into our atmosphere compared to brand new. 

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